Pat Musara recalls her foray into the world of teaching Glass Fusing and Slumping. Pat’s class started seven years ago. The class size kept increasing until it reached capacity in the small room immediately adjacent to the foyer and required re-locating to a larger room. Currently there are nine participants.

The works produced range from coasters, plates, bowls, clocks, chess boards and jewellery to purely artistic pieces to adorn walls. The beginner learns the basics of cutting glass and workshop safety.

Projects may be fused (usually two pieces of compatible glass heated in the kiln until they fuse together.) The piece may be completed at this stage or it may be slumped into a mould such as a bowl shape. The piece is then re-fired in the kiln until the desired degree of slumping has been achieved. Students work on individual pieces of their own choice.

Costs: Students purchase their own equipment and  glass.

Classes: Thursdays 9.00am – 12.30pm.

There is currently a waiting list to join Glass Fusing and Slumping. If you would like to join this class,please contact Pat.

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